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Whipped cream, a simple, sweet, accessory used to dress up desserts and other dishes became popular in the 16th century and was commonly referred to as “milk snow.” A 1545 recipe from England called for egg whites, rosewater, and sugar. The ability to access high fat cream eased the process of making whipped cream late in the 19th century. Around 1673 the name whipped cream became part of the common vernacular.

In the 1930’s both Charles Getz and Marshall Reinecke filled patents for the creation of an appliance, a cream whipper maker that used nitrous oxide. Because both patents were filed for similar products at about the same time, they were litigated. These cream whipper designs are similar to those in use today.

Making Whipped Cream

If you make whipped cream by hand, you will use either a blender or a whisk and beat the heavy cream until it thickens, as it is thickening you add sugar to taste and flavour, perhaps some vanilla or cinnamon to compliment whatever dish you are accenting. This basic method has been used since the creation of whipped cream and is effective both at home and in the restaurant industry. If you need a large volume of whipped cream at one time or are making it daily, it might be easier and more time efficient to buy a whipped cream maker.

When making whipped cream using an appliance, first you fill the whipping siphon, the ingredient container, with the appropriate mixture of cream, sugar, and flavour. Nitrous oxide chargers are affixed to the canister then discharged into the mixture creating the whipped cream. Culinary grade nitrous oxide is used because it migrates easily into the cream mixture without causing it to oxidise. These can be very effective for adding a pyramid of whipped cream on top of cappuccino or as a decoration on the side of a dessert plate.

Rapid Cream Whipper or Cream Dispenser Delivery to Brisbane

In the restaurant industry, time and staff are two items that are not a luxury. Working in a fast-paced environment, everyone needs to be on task with equipment that is operating at peak capacity full time. The last thing you want is for the entire kitchen to fall behind. To help keep your kitchen in working order, when you buy a cream dispenser or buy a whipped cream maker online we guarantee delivery to Brisbane quickly and affordably.

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