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After enjoying a delicious meal, the dessert course is eagerly anticipated. This course provides a chance to let the chef’s creativity bring the meal full circle. Whipped cream compliments nearly every dessert with which it is paired. Simply start with fresh cream, add a little sugar and perhaps some vanilla or an alternate flavour, possibly something citrusy, to kick up the taste sensation and you shift the dish from basic into an upper level of delectability. Even fresh fruit becomes a delicacy when dipped in homemade whipped cream.

In the most common uses: as a topping for pie, cake, ice cream and hot chocolate, sandwiched between cookies, even layered in a parfait, whipped cream may become the subtle star. The extreme versatility pairs nicely with the many ways to make whipped cream: mixer, fork, whisk; some methods requiring more time and arm strength than others. If you have discovered this fluffy, white delicacy has become a regular part of your diet, or you frequently cook for large groups of people, or operate a kitchen and need more volume, it may benefit you to buy a whipped cream maker. If you are looking to buy a whipped cream canister, we can help you choose the optimal product for your immediate use.

What is QuickWhip?

QuickWhip was founded in 2012 and is the first Australian company to create their own Australian branded Whipped Cream Chargers and Cream Whippers. We pride ourselves on creating high quality products from top-notch manufacturers at prices that won’t break your budget. Additionally, we have a vast distribution network, providing us with the ability to be stocked year-round, so we have the products you need when you want them.

Not only can you buy a whipped cream canister from our website, we also sellculinary grade nitrous oxide (N20) chargers so you will be able to create a delicious whipped topping on your schedule. There are a variety of packages offered that include both the whipper and the canisters, to provide optimal accessibility, convenience, and savings.

Get Whipped Cream Dispenser Delivery to Melbourne

Once you have identified your needs, it’s important to arrange your cream dispenser delivery to Melbourne. We understand the cost can sometimes be an issue when you need cream whipper delivery to Melbourne. However, we offer free shipping anywhere in Australia with every order over $100. Similarly, if you place your order before 2PM AEST, we prioritise shipment from the warehouse the same day as ordered.

Customer service is our top priority. We provide quality products at the best prices. Our job is to provide you the tools, quickly and affordably so you can create amazing desserts to share. Our staff is fully committed to providing the best experience possible.

For any of your cream whipping needs, QuickWhip products are conveniently presented for online orders. Call us on 02 9188 4490 to discuss your specific whipped cream needs and to learn more about your delivery options. For your convenience, you can complete a comment card, and we will get in touch with you.

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