QuickWhip Provides Cream Dispenser Delivery to Sydney

If you need a whipped cream maker, QuickWhip provides high-quality ones throughout Australia with fast and secure delivery. We offer free shipping on your whipped cream dispenser delivery to Sydney when your order is $100 or more.

Our whipped cream dispensers are designed from quality materials to last a long time, but you need to take care of it and we want to give you some tips on how to clean yours. Firstly, you need to dispel all the pressurised N2O before you start taking it apart to clean. Depressing the handle assures all the N2O is expelled, so you don’t get sprayed with whipped cream.

Once the gas is expelled, you can remove the head from the canister. The head contains several parts such as the decorative tip and charger holder. Each of these parts should be removed, and you can take out the rubber gasket that ensures a good seal between the head and canister. You can push the pressure valve through the head to detach it. Once all your parts are separated, you’re ready to clean.

Some parts may claim they are dishwasher safe, but we recommend handwashing with warm soapy water. You can use a brush to get into small areas but be careful not to use anything too abrasive, especially on the gasket. Let it dry completely before putting it back together then enjoy another batch of whipped cream. If you have any questions about cleaning or a cream dispenser delivery to Sydney, contact QuickWhip.

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