Cream Chargers (62)

Here at QuickWhip, we’re proud to sell high-quality whip cream chargers for all your whipped cream creations. We're Australia's largest and most reputable distributor, supplying and fulfilling all your whipped cream needs. Create rapid flavour infusions for iconic or revolutionary drinks, cocktails, food flavourings, foams, mousses and more! Choose from a whole range of flavours to whip up your culinary storm.

*NEW 2024* InfusionMAX Elite Purple 9g! Cream Chargers - 100pks

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*NEW 2024* Miami Magic 9g! Cream Chargers - 10pks

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*NEW 2024* QuickWhip PRO 9g! Cream Chargers - 100pks

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*NEW 2024* QuickWhip PRO 9g! Cream Chargers - 10pks

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Baking Bad 2.2Lg Cannister

From $99.95 to $1,299.95

Baking Bad 3.3L/ 2050g Cannister

From $149.95 to $1,999.95

Baking Bad 615g Cannister

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BestWhip Cream Chargers 8g - 10pks

From $7.95 to $1,779.95

BestWhip Cream Chargers 8g - 50pks

From $36.95 to $1,749.95

FreshWhip Mint Infusion Chargers 8.2g - 50pks

From $34.95 to $1,429.95

FreshWhip Mint Infusion Chargers 8.2g – 10pks

From $9.49 to $1,479.95

FreshWhip Strawberry Infusion Chargers 8.2g - 50pks

From $34.95 to $1,459.95

Top of the Range Culinary Whip Cream Chargers

Whether you're looking to whip up the perfect cream cake, want delicious cream on your drinks or just want to add a finishing touch to your trio of desserts, trust QuickWhip to deliver! We offer top-quality cream chargers under our own well-known brands such as QuickWhip, SupremeWhip and Miami Magic, to help you on your culinary quest. Rest assured knowing that you'll only ever receive the highest quality culinary grade nitrous oxide (N20) to help produce perfect whipped cream, time after time.

High-Quality Cream Charger Canisters

We stock a whole array of cream charger canisters, choose from 8g cream chargers to impressive 2050g canisters, when shopping for all your cream charger needs with QuickWhip, you’ll only find cream chargers filled with certified pure Nitrous Oxide N20 gas. Made from 100% recyclable steel, our cream chargers can be recycled easily where steel recycling is available. There’s no room for duds, leaks or oily residue, perfect whips, every time.

For out-of-this-world (or kitchen) baking why not try our nitrous oxide tanks allowing you to get a maximum amount of N20 when compared with using a standard cream dispenser and charger, saving you time and money time after time, use after use.

How are cream chargers used?

Using a cream charger is an absolute breeze. Here's a general guide, but remember to check your manufacturer's instructions for any specific details:

  1. Prep the Whipper: Disassemble the cream whipper following the instructions and ensure everything is clean and dry.
  2. Ingredients In: Pour in your recipe's ingredients.
  3. Shake It Up: Gently screw on the top and give it a good shake to combine the ingredients.
  4. Charge It Up: Following the manufacturer's instructions, insert a cream charger (with the smaller end facing up) into the holder and screw it onto the dispenser head. You'll hear a hissing sound as the gas infuses.
  5. Shake Some More: Give the whipper another good shake to distribute the gas evenly, shaking until the mixture feels heavy and hardened.
  6. Ready to Impress: Hold the whipper upside down and press the lever to dispense your creation!

Remember: These are general guidelines. Always refer to your specific cream whipper's instructions for optimal results and safety.

Trust QuickWhip For All Your Cream Charger Needs

As Australia’s leading cream charger specialists we know all there is to know about cream chargers. That’s why we only provide top-quality, culinary-grade N20 gas at the best prices on the market. With our price match guarantee, we’re happy to match any cheaper price you find elsewhere.

What’s more, we operate a ‘no questions asked’ money-back guarantee if you experience any issues or are unsatisfied with your order. We consistently strive for 100% satisfaction for all our customers to ensure you receive the best value and service from QuickWhip, every time.

If you have a question or query regarding any of our products or would like to place a wholesale cream charger order, please don't hesitate to contact us, Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 16:30 – a member of our friendly, experienced QuickWhip team will be more than happy to help you. Experience the 5-star QuickWhip service today.

Cream Charger Delivery

If you spend over $100, then you also receive free delivery if the order was placed before 2 pm AEST from Monday to Friday.

We even endeavour to dispatch your items on the same day your order is placed, meaning customers can get speedy Australia-wide cream charger delivery all week long.

Frequently Asked Question

Cream chargers are designed to help you whip up marvellous whipped cream creations including sauces, drinks and mousses.

You can purchase whipped cream chargers from QuickWhip. Spend $100+ and receive free and fast delivery and if you place your order before 2 pm AEST on weekdays your order will be dispatched that very same day.

Please visit our wholesale whip cream chargers page for more details and to place a wholesale cream charger order.

Cream chargers are small silver canisters, these canister chargers are filled with pressurised nitrous oxide (N20) gas. This canister provides culinary chefs and at-home foodies with the key tool to making fully fluffed whipped cream and whipped creations!

Cream chargers are filled with nitrous oxide (N20) gas. The gas itself is odourless, noncombustible and non-toxic. Cream chargers are designed to be used with cream dispensers, creating pressurised cream for whipped cream creations.