Nitrous Oxide Cylinders (17)

Get more N2O for your buck with Quickwhip’s Nitrous Oxide cylinder range.

From local bakeries to high-end restaurants, N2O cylinders are perfect for anyone whipping fresh cream every day. With some of the finest products out there including Miami Magic, Infusion Max and Baking Bad, and free, fast delivery on order over $100, you can improve your whipping game before the week is finished.

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Universal Quick release Pressure regulator set


SupremewhipMAX 640g N2O Cannister

From $53.95 to $849.95

Infusionwhip 580g Flavoured N2O Cannister Mixed carton

From $259.95 to $859.95

Miami Magic Infusions 640g Aluminum N2O Cannister

From $59.95 to $999.95

Infusionwhip 580g Rainbow Candy Flavoured N2O Cannister

From $52.95 to $849.95

Infusionwhip 580g Watermelon Lemon Flavoured N2O Cannister

From $52.95 to $849.95

Infusionwhip 580g Blueberry Mango Flavoured N2O Cannister

From $52.95 to $849.95

Infusionwhip 580g Strawberry Flavoured N2O Cannister

From $52.95 to $849.95

SupremewhipMAX 580g Cannister

From $52.95 to $829.95

Wholesale Infusionwhip 580g Rainbow Candy Flavoured N2O Cannister

From $444.95 to $1,895.95

Wholesale Infusionwhip 580g Blueberry Mango Flavoured Cannister

From $444.95 to $1,895.95

Wholesale Infusionwhip 580g Watermelon Lemon Flavoured N2O Cannister

From $444.95 to $1,895.95

Save space, time and money with N2O Cylinders.

Nitrous oxide gas cylinders are suitable for bars, commercial kitchens, cafes, bakeries and more. This is because they offer some significant benefits including: 

✔ Large quantity: With over 30 times more supply than regular cream chargers, you can frost an almost endless amount of cakes without ever needing to replace the canister.

✔ A greener footprint: As tanks hold a larger amount of N2O gas, you won't have to worry about disposing of them often.

✔ Consistent results: Larger tanks ensure a consistent gas flow, which works every time to maintain consistent quality in everything you do. This is unlike the standard 8g chargers, where potential duds can slip through the cracks.

✔ Easy to control: Gone are the times when you had to constantly reload your dispensers with new bulk. N2O tanks connect to your dispenser using a pressure regulator, allowing you to control exactly how much gas you use.

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With our range of N2O tanks in sizes you won't find anywhere else, including our monstrous Miami Magic & Baking Bad 3.3L cylinder, you can whip up massive batches of whipped cream or infused creations with ease. And every QuickWhip canister is crafted with extreme care in a cutting-edge facility, ensuring the purest N2O gas for flawless results. 

Choose from our wide selection of N2O cylinders, including Infusion Max, Miami Magic, SupremeWhipMax, and Baking Bad. And for a burst of flavor, try our Infusion Whip range! 

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Why should I buy Nitrous Oxide Cylinders from Quickwhip?

When you buy from QuickWhip, you’re buying from the most trusted nitrous oxide supplier in Australia. From Perth to the Gold Coast and beyond, customers rely on us every day and return to us the next wanting more. 

We’re committed to putting a smile on your face, which is why we offer free shipping on all orders exceeding $100 and a price match guarantee to make sure you get the best possible deal. 

Unsure of the difference between a brand and wanting an expert opinion? Get in touch with us today via email and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Question

We offer same-day dispatch all year round if you place your order before 1:30PM on business days.

N2O tanks come in various cylinder sizes, but the most common one for home use is the 580g tank. This size offers plenty of gas for whipping cream and lasts much longer than individual chargers. 580g tank: This size provides roughly 80 times the amount of gas compared to a standard cream charger, allowing you to whip up large batches of cream with ease. Larger tanks (e.g., 2050g): These are ideal for professional kitchens or frequent users. They offer a significant advantage in gas volume, lasting up to 260 times longer than a single charger.

They’re fairly straightforward to use, but it’s important to follow the necessary steps to ensure proper hygiene and safety. Before you use it, make sure to clean and dry the dispenser. Once clean, attach the dispenser nozzle to the whipped cream dispenser head. Attach the regulator to the nitrous oxide tank, and insert the other end of the regulator to the dispenser head. Hold it upright and press the lever for around 5 seconds to release the gas into the dispenser. Before using, gently shake the dispenser to ensure the cream and N2O gas is mixed. Once your cylinder is empty, please remember to recycle it.