Fresh Whip Flavoured Cream Chargers (6)

Looking to give your culinary dishes a flavour-packed punch? Then look no further than Fresh Whip flavoured cream chargers from QuickWhip! With over 60 years of innovation, Fresh Whip’s strawberry or mint-flavoured cream whippers are reliable and efficient, making them a perfect kitchen tool for all catering businesses big or small. Whether you’re making delicious whip cream for drinks, desserts or dishes; Fresh whip stainless steel cream canisters are a kitchen must! 

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Mixed flavours Infusionwhip / FreshWhip infusion Chargers 8.2g - 10pks

From $55.95 to $104.95

NEW 2022 SupremeWhip Banana Flavour Cream Chargers 8.2g - 100pks

From $29.95 to $1,499.95

FreshWhip STRAWBERRY Infusion Chargers 8.2g – 10pks

From $9.49 to $1,459.95

FreshWhip Strawberry Infusion Chargers 8.2g - 50pks

From $34.95 to $1,459.95

FreshWhip Mint Infusion Chargers 8.2g – 10pks

From $9.49 to $1,479.95

FreshWhip Mint Infusion Chargers 8.2g - 50pks

From $34.95 to $1,429.95

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Fresh Whip flavoured cream canisters are a world first! You can enjoy delicious strawberry-flavoured whip cream or can indulge in a refreshing mint flavour for your fresh whipped cream; For creative food and drink flavour infusions, Fresh Whip is the go-too. What’s more? Each N20 canister offers great value for your money and can easily transform 0.5 litres of whipping cream into a whopping 1.5 litres.

Each 8.2g Fresh Whip N2O cream charger is packed full of pure, food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O gas). This means you don’t need to worry about our flavour infusions containing unwanted tastes or smells. We also use proprietary cleaning methods to ensure every Fresh Whip charging canister is free of any industrial aftertaste which might contaminate your culinary creations.


Great Deals On All Fresh Whip Cream Whippers

Whether you run a large dessert-making business or just enjoy getting creative with desserts at home, Fresh Whip Nitrous Oxide canisters are perfect for achieving high-quality results. From packs of 10 to packages of 3600, we have the right quantity of N2O cream chargers that will satisfy your needs.

And if that wasn’t enough we also offer a price match guarantee; we’ll aim to provide the best prices and deals on Fresh Whip flavoured cream chargers in Australia!

Maybe you’re a whip cream enthusiast or a restaurant? Whatever your situation, we also offer the best prices on wholesale whipped cream chargers from Fresh Whip. For more details on how you can get the best deals, contact us by email at


Why Buy Fresh Whip N20 Chargers

  • With over 60 years of innovation, flavoured whipped cream canisters from Fresh Whip are the perfect tool to add a creative flair to your dishes & drinks.
  • Each 8.2g bulb is designed to fit all charger holders and has an easy installation process for a wide selection of whipped cream dispensers; making them a hassle-free tool for catering businesses.
  • Fresh Whip N20 chargers are used in a variety of bars, restaurants, cafes and homes so you know they are a brand that is highly trusted throughout Australia.
  • Made from recyclable steel, each Fresh Whip cream charger is environmentally friendly and easily disposable (after use).


Need Any Help?

Having trouble with Fresh Whip cream chargers? We've got you covered! If you have any questions or need assistance using our product, our friendly customer support team is available to answer them. You can contact us anytime by phone, or email, and we're happy to assist. Let's make tasty, fluffy whipped cream together with Fresh Whip!

Frequently Asked Question

Fresh Whip cream chargers are the world’s first flavour infusion cream charger brand. We stock both Fresh Whip mint cream chargers and Fresh Whip strawberry cream chargers. These N2O canisters are perfect for a refreshing mint or strawberry flavour to add a bit of creativity to your dishes.

Fresh Whip infusion chargers are specifically designed for use in drink/cocktail flavour infusions, and can also be used for desserts to make sweets like mousses which might need fresh whipped cream. It is important to note that Nitrous Oxide canisters should not be used for any other purpose.

Fresh Whip Whipped Cream Chargers use food-grade nitrous oxide and are safe to use in the kitchen. The dispenser must be used in accordance with instructions, and nitrous oxide must be handled with caution.