QuickWhip can supply you or your business with a high-quality cream dispenser throughout Australia. We offer free shipping on orders over $100, and all our orders are shipped quickly and securely. You can conveniently order a whipped cream maker online, and it will be sent out on the same day because we want you to enjoy the benefits of homemade whipped cream as soon as possible.

Benefits of Making Your Own Whipped Cream

When you buy a cream whipper in Australia, you can customise each batch to suit your tastes in several ways. For example, you can control the calorie content by using alternative sweeteners or no sweetener at all. You can also control the fat content can by choosing different types of fat content in the cream.

You can add flavourings to the cream by adding cocoa powder or flavoured syrups such as raspberry, hazelnut, or caramel. Peppermint whipped cream can add a festive flair when topping off your hot chocolate at Christmas time. You can even add food colouring to give your desserts or specialty drinks a bit more panache.

When you make your own whipped cream, you know exactly what goes into it, and you can pronounce every ingredient. When you use store-bought whipped cream, there will probably be ingredients, stabilisers, and preservatives that you can’t pronounce not to mention, know what they are or what they do to your body. For example, many brands contain hydrogenated vegetable oils or high fructose corn syrup which have been shown to have adverse health effects.

Whipped cream made with one of our dispensers creates a light and fluffy product that will keep its volume a lot longer than store-bought brands which melt and deflate quickly. Homemade whipped cream tastes better and is cheaper to make as well. You can also store your cream dispenser in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks for a fresh dollop whenever you want it.

Troubleshooting Your Whipped Cream Dispenser in Australia

When you make a batch of whipped cream, you may not get what you expect so we want to give you some tips on troubleshooting. Firstly, be sure you are using N2O and not CO2 chargers. Carbon dioxide can make your whipped cream taste sour and have a bubbly feel.

If your whipped cream is runny your nitrous oxide charger may be too small for your whipped cream maker, it may leak, or it may not be thoroughly dispelling. You can also try shaking your maker more when you initially make the whipped cream. You will probably have a little runny cream at the end of each batch but if it seems like too much you can try recharging it.

If you need to troubleshoot other issues or you have questions about ordering a cream whipper online, contact QuickWhip. Our staff will be happy to help you because life is better with a little whipped cream on top.